Black Magic Site contains a selection of original books written by ancient scientist, magicians, psychics, shamans or people having psychic abilities. Many sources of information have been used to gather information as much as possible.

Usually when we hear the definition black magic, we have perception of something wrong or bad! but is it really that way? We believe that its not. In our perception this is a kind of science that was never wide spread or shared with public. With some personal experience and experiences of some people we decided that this is a part of our life’s that we are not aware of.

So we intended to raise awareness and publish these books for those people who are interested in deep study of occults and different spiritual studies for the sake of good manners and benefits. Not only magic books or occults, we also focus on self development works, higher perception of the universe and our existence in it.

The power of man is much more than what we think, thats for sure! We will do our best to contribute more and more and try to help and encourage everyone seeking for spiritual and mind development works. All this will give us personal freedom regardless of material possessiveness.

Somethings are impossible because we believe in it so much without doubt. Imagine you don’t have a doubt and turn things out to be opposite of what you used to believe!!